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The Human Element of Rem Koolhaas

Space Afrika, the Manchester born and raised duo of Joshua Inyang and Joshua Tarelle, made their name with dub-techno soaked sonic impressions of the grey streets of their hometown.

  • Photography by John Barkley

Empty Dancefloors with Helena Hauff

This year ravers have been readapting the dance floor purpose of techno to a listening experience in their bedrooms, headphones, and on road trips. Like all of us, Helena Hauff is also spinning techno and electro vinyls in her living room.

  • Text by Carlota Morais Pires
  • Photography by Wolfgang Tillmans

Heavy Pop of Olan Monk

  • Photography by George Nebieridze

The Abyss of Katarina Gryvul

When the enigmatic British rapper Lancy Foey drops a new album, the buildup and excitement are reminiscent of that created by a best-selling fantasy author.

  • Interview by Carolin Desiree
  • Photography by Wolfgang Tillmans

Identity Rupture with Elvin Brandhi

  • Photography by RAFAEL GORDEIUN